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Herding Camp


 We will be holding a herding camp at my facility in Arizona. This camp will focus on getting the most out of your trial.

Many of us receive a score, but don't necessarily understand where we lost points or why we lost the points in the first place...and by the time the trial is over the judge has seen 30+ other dogs and can't remember your run. This is extremely important when you are trying to qualify and/or champion your dog. As a certified Judge myself, I will teach you the scoring concept as well as provide you with a strategy for each obstacle and course you encounter. 


When:  June 6-7, 2015

Where: Double M Training Facility

19420 E Kennedy Dr. Mayer, AZ 86333


ONLINE from the comfort of your computer

Join Us! 

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Working Spot
In-Person Audit
Online Audit




This will be a 2 day camp that combines the benefits of both classroom and arena work. We will be focusing on the AKC "A" course for both sheep and ducks. You will get to run the course, and then receive immediate feedback from the judge on scoring, and ways you can improve. Once you understand the scoring system, your scores will increase dramatically because you will be able to identify your weaknesses and focus on them in your training. 

Here are a few things that we will cover:

Understand the rules of trialing in AKC- You have to know the rules to play the game! 

Learn how to improve your runs-  Not only will you and your dog enjoy the sport more...your scores will be higher and your titles will come faster.

Know what the judge is looking for- When you know how your run is being scored you will maximize your points by making adjustments during your run. 

Improve your outrun/gather- Begin your run on a positive note and set yourself, your dog and the stock up for a clean run 

Managing Obstacles- Know when to re-attempt and when to move on...learn where to lose your points and still get a qualifying score

Master the hold pen- Learn all your options to get the stock out of the hold pen so you can handle any scenario thrown at you

Improve your pace throughout the course- Proper pace will avoid stopping and reversing on course, which in turn gives you a fluid run and a higher score. 

The inevitable 4-5...Learn why I feel this may be the most important obstacle and how to master it

What is Included?


*Breakfast & Lunch Both Days! 

*Fireside Chat Saturday Night with Molly

*Recorded Version for every Level

*An eBook from a judges perspective to 

  enhance your camp experience

*Fun and Learning and much much more! 

Click the "Buy Now" links below to choose which spot to reserve!

Join Us! 

In-Person Audit
Online Audit
Working Spot

We are offering 3 ways to attend this camp! 


$347- Working Spot- Bring your dog and lets get to work! Enjoy classroom activities as well as working with you dog. Get immediate feedback and be able to pick the brain of a certified AKC Judge specific to your dog! You also get the recorded version of the camp to go back and watch your dogs and others work at any time! 


$247- In Person Auditing- Come and see the action! This is for you alone, and allows you the participate in classroom functions as well as observe the herding and judges feedback. You also receive the recorded version of the camp to go back and watch the dogs run again get another view of the camp at any time! 


$147- Online Auditing - For those of you who can't make it. This package will give you the ability to watch a recorded version of the days events both classroom and herding. We plan on having several views for your enjoyment! *Please note that because this is a recorded version you will have access to the camp about a week after it has concluded* 

*Special Bonus for Online Auditors- we will live stream a portion of the camp- specifically the classroom portion for you to enjoy along with us while you wait for the recorded version to go live. 



Questions about the camp?

Ask Below!

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