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Reason #1- Podcasts!  


Get a downloadable link of our Podcasts. This will allow you to go back and enjoy training information, puppy picking, and insight into our philosophies and personal lives! 


You get to ask questions! Do you have a challenge you are facing with your dog? Ask away! 


Reason #2- Community



You are never truly alone in your struggles when you have others to share yourchallenges with.


Get to know others who are dealing with the same challenges as

you and get an experts opinion! 

Reason #3- Expert Advice


Where else can you get a world class competitor and trainer giving you free advice and support? Let Molly help you with your challengese and let us help you and your dog! 



Reason #4- It's Free


Who doesnt love free stuff? It's not often that you get free training advice :) 


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