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Welcome to our free training page! 


Below we have free resources to enhance your herding training. We welcome you to enjoy our ebook, simply click the button below and input your name and email to have the ebook come right to your inbox and ready for download! Our free webinars will take place inside our members only Herding Lounge...we would love to give you a free membership! To join us click the "Join our Herding Lounge" button below and input your name and email...your password and login instructions will come right to your inbox. If you would like to find out more about our herding lounge, or are already a member and ready to login, go to the "Herding Lounge" button below. 


Top 10 Handling Mistakes
Free Downloadable eBook
Enter your name and email below and we would be happy to send you our Free Downloadable eBook.


Training Video

Check out our FREE training video located in our new Herding Lounge. This lounge is for members only and you can get a membership for free! Simply put in your name and email and your login information will come right to your inbox. 
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