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Welcome to Online Herding

Join me for our first ever online and in-person herding camp. We are bringing the experience of an in-person camp right to your computer. We are not only live streaming portions the camp itself but will have a recorded version of the camp in its entirety. 


Want the in person experience? We have in person auditing spots available and a few more working spots. Anyone who joins us in person will get the benefit of the recorded version, an evening fireside chat, and meals included. 


CLICK HERE to sign up! 

Handling Camp

Over 1 hour of training...from picking out tools to what to expect during an instinct test! Free herding training!  Watch our teaser to the right, and then click on Herding Lounge to sign up for our free training series. 


Get a sneak peak into our facility, and let us help you with your training challenges! 

FREE Training Video



FREE eBook

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