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AKC Herding Judge

AHBA Herding Judge

USBCHA Herding Judge

7 AKC Dual Champions​​

30+ Herding Champions
58 AKC Herding Excellent Titles​
65 AKC Herding Intermediate Titles
100+ AKC Herding Started Titles

5 Time USBCHA National Finalist Qualifier
Cattle/Sheep and Nursery
4 Time ASCA National Finalist Qualifier w/Top 10 Finishes
12 Champions titled in Excellent (most in 9 months)

2012 BCSA National Herding Specialty Herding Judge
2012 BCSA National Herding Specialty Invitational Herding Judge

Trialling in AKC herding events since 2000
Trialling and Handling all breeds since 1988

AHA President, BCAZ Herding Director
Lifetime member to USBCHA Handlers Association
Lifetime member to ASCA (28 years)
AKC Breeder of Merit
BCSA member


Border Collie Society of America National Standings

    12th overall ranking


    14th on sheep​

     4th on cattle

     6th Overall Ranking​

    19th Overall Ranking
   29th Overall Ranking
   34th Overall Ranking

    4th "B" Course Sheep 

   12th "B" Course Sheep
   20th “B” Course Sheep
   21st on “A” ducks
    7th Overall Ranking​

  20th Overall Ranking​

  26th Overall Ranking
   3rd "B" Course Sheep​

   9th "B" Course Sheep

   11th "B" Course Sheep
   4th "A" Sheep
   13th  Overall Ranking​

   18th  Overall Ranking

  22nd Overall Ranking
   2nd  "B" Course Sheep​​

   7th   "B" Course Sheep​

   3rd  "A" Course Cattle

   8th   "A" Course Ducks
   4th Overall Ranking
  10th Overall Ranking
  20th Overall Ranking
  15th "A" Sheep
  16th "A" Sheep

  14th "B" Sheep
   3rd "A" Ducks

   4th "A" Ducks


*BCSA stopped keeping records of standings in 2011


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